My Love Affair with Apple is Over

I was looking back through some old guest posts earlier this week and came across this one…

An Apple Today Keeps the Geek Squad Away

I can’t in good conscience not provide an update here seeing as the love affair has dwindled and faded a long time ago.  While I still have my MacBook Pro, I never use it.  It’s slower than … a turtle.  I know I just need to get it cleaned up and add some memory to it.. but I just keep putting it off.


I made the switch to Android almost two years ago.  I don’t dislike Apple.. but I am very impressed with the actual quality of the phones I’ve had since my iPhone 4.  Both the HTC One M8 and my current Samsung Galaxy S6 have far superior performance.  Then again, technology has come a long way anyhow.


The only Apple product that gets used now is the old iPad2.  It serves it’s purpose as a gaming device, e-book reader and an extra TV on rare occasions.


While the love affair is over, I must admit that a small part of me does miss the slick cool feel of my MacBook Pro, and the ease of scrolling and moving around different applications. The love affair is over, but there is still the possibility of romance in the future.


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