Do you need a Business Analyst or a Project Manager?

Being a Business Analyst means that I solve problems using the technology available. To go a step further, I need to do this while meeting (and hopefully exceeding) the client`s expectations and needs. (SCOPE)

Often this means that I need to ensure that the assignment not only falls within a certain budget, but that the solution to the original problem takes into account the client`s entire budget. A solution may be cheap to implement, but have high costs to sustain it. (COST)

And let`s see..yes, I have to make sure I deliver the final deliverables before the agreed upon deadline. (TIME)

Scope…Cost….and Time…

Anyone who has taken a basic project management course should already know where I`m heading with this…

Scope, Cost and Time are the three major constraints to managing all projects. It`s no coincidence that I need to use project management skills, even if I am working in a Business Analyst capacity.

Similarily, a good project manager will also use several tools and skills that many Business Analysts have to define the scope of the project and evaluate alternatives when they come up.

So, the answer to the question, “Do you need a Business Analyst or a Project Manager?” is …’both!’.

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