It's CLEAR... You NEED Systems!

Clear Needs Consulting can help you with your Project Management and Business Analysis needs to ensure your organization works smarter and gets things done.  We specialize in short-term and part-time projects in order to help small to medium-sized businesses grow.  However, we do work on larger scale projects for large organizations as well.  Past clients include local small business owners and real estate agents to large corporations like Starbucks, LCBO, Primus and Ryerson University.  Examples of the project management consulting services we offer are listed below. We offer customized project billing tailored to your budget and needs.  All projects we take on include regular status reports and ongoing communication to ensure you always know what is going on with your projects.

Get Ready!

It's all about defining what you need before you jump in. Successful Requirements Gathering will make or break your project. We can help define the WHAT needs to be done and WHY. If you try to implement systems without knowing what you need and why, you won't actually fix the problem you are trying to solve.

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Get Set!

Already know what you need? We can get you setup for success by helping you get your project organized so that someone else on your team can easily monitor it's progress. Already know that you need a CRM, or a more robust HR/Payroll System? We can help you pick the right one, document your internal processes and ensure your team manages the change.

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Ready to Launch? We can guide you by managing the entire project, implementing the final solution, working with vendors, doing configuration, preparing training documentation, process maps, SOPs and so much more!

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